Into Sypher's Vision

SypherPK—The Visionary

Where It All Began

For as long as he can remember, SypherPK has loved Shonen anime. Its characters and lessons played a key role in his formative years, filling him with the ambition and tenacity he needed to overcome the many obstacles that lay ahead.

The Metal Umbrella brand is all the best parts of that influence, mixed with his vision for the future and his time as a member of the video game community. SypherPK spent years building an audience through connecting with others and providing exciting, memorable experiences. This is seen in the vibrant colors and exploratory designs of the “Too Young To Worry," “Dreams,” and “Essentials” collections—each tapping into SypherPK’s anime roots and the untamed enthusiasm of his early days as a content creator.

"A lot of my passion and drive got sparked in my early years when I was around 13. I was making my first YouTube videos at that time and my motivation was having fun and connecting with people. This drop embodies that passion that I had starting out for creating content." - SypherPK

Evolving the Legacy

Metal Umbrella is an expansion of the SypherPK brand. It’s part of the exciting adventure he’s always dreamed of having, one where he can explore creative expression to his heart’s content. With each new collection Metal Umbrella releases, he pushes that dream forward.

Sypher created the Metal Umbrella brand with the support and development of Oni Studios, as well as his partner, Daniela Ali, who operates as the company’s CEO. Now a couple years into their journey, they are overwhelmed by the positive response Metal Umbrella has received. Each step in Metal Umbrella’s lifespan has come with hurdles, but they agree, it’s worth it for the high quality of the clothing, and the love others have shown towards them. Sypher and the Oni Studios team worked with industry-leading designers to bring Sypher’s vision to life, and that vision has not changed. Every day is an exciting, new opportunity for Sypher to pursue the next stage of Metal Umbrella’s legacy. 

Metal Umbrella goes far beyond influencer merch—as an apparel brand, it’s what Sypher himself always wished he’d had growing up. In the past, Sypher has partnered with various streamer merch distributors, but it didn’t feel authentic to his brand or his vision. There were limits on his time and creativity, with little control over the design, material, or customer shopping experience—the things he believed mattered the most. Metal Umbrella helped him break down these barriers. Metal Umbrella is the fresh start he’s been waiting for.

People connect with Sypher’s content because of how he charges toward his own destiny, his confidence and abilities allowing him to connect with and inspire others to do the same.

"At the end of the day, Metal Umbrella is just another extension of me [SypherPK], from gaming to apparel. I'm equally as excited to see people's reaction to this release as I am when I post new Fortnite videos and people see my play-style and content. " - SypherPK

THE FIRST COLLECTION - “Too Young to Worry”

When Sypher and team sat down to brainstorm ideas for Metal Umbrella’s brand, comfort and versatility were at the top of the list. As a content creator (sometimes streaming for 12 hours a day!) Sypher wanted clothes that focused on comfort during the long haul. So, when designing the first collection, “Too Young to Worry,” it was important that every piece not only looked cool, but felt great both on and off stream. The quality needed to not only surpass the cheap industry standard, but reinvent the standard.

The styling and design of the collection was taken straight from Sypher’s early anime influence, featuring vibrant colors inspired by Sypher’s never-ending passion to invite fun into everyday life.

"This is clothing that I would feel just as comfortable streaming for hours in as I would showing up to a party with some of my favorite people. My must-have pieces are the Metal Long sleeve and the Surface Print long sleeve in both black and white. They’re really cool, fit really well, and I love the design of them.” - SypherPK


Following the success of Metal Umbrella's first collection, Sypher wanted to incorporate sleek, whimsical pieces into the brand's gallery. After experimenting with the loud, anime-flavored styles of “Too Young to Worry,” Sypher wanted something subdued, but no less inventive.

The second Metal Umbrella collection, “Dreams,” explored beyond t-shirts and joggers. With “Dreams,” Sypher introduced a limited puffer jacket bearing an iconic Metal Umbrella wordmark.In doing so, he expanded not only the identity of the brand, but pushed the limits of what it could be. In an industry full of low-quality, screen-printed merch, Sypher wasn’t content to be part of the crowd, pushing for original designs and unique, custom-made features. He knew that if he didn’t give attention to the little details, Metal Umbrella would never stand out. He wanted to do more than the rest.

This second collection's theme was inspired by Sypher's drive to keep dreaming, no matter what. Iconic messaging like "Don't Sleep On Your Future" and "Dream It, Achieve It" are reminders to always test how far your ambitions can carry you.

"This is clothing that I would feel just as comfortable streaming for hours in as I would showing up to a party with some of my favorite people. My must-have pieces are the Metal Long sleeve and the Surface Print long sleeve in both black and white. They’re really cool, fit really well, and I love the design of them.” - SypherPK


Now at the gates of Metal Umbrella’s newest collection, Sypher wanted to take a step back from his beloved anime roots to harness the power of freedom through simplicity. The “Essentials” collection possesses an elegant, minimalist design philosophy so you can wear the most comfortable clothes, in nearly endless combinations.

Self-discovery is at the forefront of the “Essentials” catalog. It’s Sypher’s hope that through this collection, others might find new styles to call uniquely theirs, while ensuring that every piece feels as good to wear as he can possibly make them. The look may be basic, but the experience is not. The quality has never been higher.

Metal Umbrella has made incredible strides and produced apparel Sypher is proud to call his own. But this is not the end of the vision, and he’s already thinking ahead to the next big idea over the horizon.

He hopes you’ll follow him into the brighter future he’s working to make every day, for everyone.

See you there.