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Tap Into Your Power

Metal Umbrella was created to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Our goal is to bring you clothes that blanket you in quality, design, and comfort.

We want those who wear Metal Umbrella to feel vibrant, comfortable in their skin, and authentic to themselves.

Our Vision

We aim to inspire and ignite the spark in you that makes you — you. Join us as we tell the story that makes us, us.

What’s metal umbrella?

Metal Umbrella is a modern gaming, and anime-inspired apparel brand. We’re built for the digital generation, inspiring you to feel confident no matter what your passions are.

At the heart of our brand lies the storytellers, creators, and people following their own path. We want you to feel confident, empowered, and proud to be yourself. And if you aren't there yet, we'll help you get there.

Our goal is to pioneer a new standard of apparel in the gaming industry. We aim to set a new benchmark by consistently providing original designs, high quality products, and an inclusive size range for all genders.


Founders Daniela Ali and Ali Hassan are the innovators behind Metal Umbrella. Ali is most notably known as streamer and content creator, SypherPK. Daniela Ali, his wife and business partner, is known for her entrepreneurial involvement in SypherPK’s brand and other ventures.

Together, the duo have launched Metal Umbrella, with the goal to bring high quality clothing with inclusive sizing to the gaming industry. When Ali and Daniela envisioned Metal Umbrella, they felt it important to stress how much they value creativity and doing what’s best for themselves.

Daniela focused on customer experience and the operations of the brand. She worked with an industry-leading design team based in Texas to make the duo’s vision come to life. Ali focused on the messaging, fit, and design of the brand. Daniela and Ali spent months poring over the materials, designs, and quality of the fabrics to create an apparel line that resonated with their vision. Their careers have been an example of the magic that can happen when you trust yourself and how far you can go.


Explore the off-beaten path and tap into who you really are. What story do you want to tell?


Driven by passion and inspired by culture, collections are created with self-expression in mind.


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