The counterculture of tomorrow


A cornerstone of the Fortnite community, SypherPK spent the last ten years as a prodigious streamer and video game content creator.

Never satisfied with settling, he set his sights on another frontier: the creation of a clothing brand he could call his own. 

Metal Umbrella was created to inspire others. Our goal is to bring you versatile, premium clothes that reflect who you are, where you're going, and what you will become.

Sypher's 'fit

No Limits Hoodie and Relentless Jogger

Designed for the best you

Metal Umbrella goes far beyond influencer merch—as an apparel brand, it’s what Sypher always wished he’d had growing up. Merging his love for anime and fashion, Sypher created Metal Umbrella, an apparel line that provides the space to create the styles, designs, and customer shopping experience he couldn’t find anywhere else.

We are a modern gaming, anime-inspired apparel brand for the storytellers, creators, and people inventing their own paths. Our mission? To redefine the standard and create products worthy of your attention. Every piece of clothing we make is carefully designed to ensure that you’re able to present your truest self to the world.

We’re built for the digital generation and we’ll bring the full potential out of your wardrobe wth each collection.

Sypher's 'fit